Why Kraft Mailers Are the Perfect Solution for Shipping Small Products


Shipping products can be such a nightmare, especially for a small business owner or an online seller. Finding just the right packaging material that will protect the products and not, at the same time, hike up the shipping prices may seem impossible. That is where the Kraft mailers come in. They are lightweight but tough enough to make the perfect solution for such packaging and sending off small things like jewelry, cosmetics, and electronics. Inexpensive, environmentally friendly, and offering perfect protection from moisture, dirt, and the general hazards of shipping. That is the beauty of Kraft Mailers. And today, we are going to discuss just what they are, the key benefits of using them, and why you should be thinking about using Kraft Mailers for shipping your small products. So, if you are just starting out or want to streamline your shipping process, find out why Kraft mailers are the best solution in today's post to fit your business.

Whether it's from shipping products or lightweight benefits packages, there are a number of reasons that make Kraft mailers best. Chief among them is the weight: they have the least, which translates to less money when shipping. Because they do not add much weight to the overall package, you can often ship your products at a lower cost than you would with other kinds of packaging.

Kraft mailers are light and very durable.

They are produced from high-quality materials that can hold the rigor of shipment, including knockdowns, drops, and other hazards. In that way, your products arrive in just about the same condition as when you sent them from your warehouse or store. Another good thing about kraft mailers is that they are convenient to use. It comes in different sizes and styles, ensuring one will find a perfect choice for their products. They are also easily packable and sealable, meaning that the work of packaging your products for shipping is streamlined, allowing quicker turnovers. 

Kraft mailers come in almost any size and style according to the precise needs. Some of the common types of Kraft mailers are:

Kraft Bubble Mailers
Bubble mailers are a great concept for shipment: They are an idea to carry small products and give protection against any kind of bump or knock. There are bubble wraps lined inside the envelope, which helps in cushioning your products and also keeps them safe during shipments.

Padded mailers
The padded mailer is, in fact, quite similar to a bubble mailer, but this kind of mailer has a padding layer instead of bubble wraps. That's why the padded mailer is assumed to be the best one for any product that is delicate or fragile in nature.

Flat mailers
Flat mailers are useful for mailing thin and light items like documents, photos, etc. The flat mailer is designed with a single layer of kraft paper, hence very light and handy in use.

Gusseted mailers
Expandable in design, gusseted mailers would provide the right cover for the products that are somewhat larger or bulkier compared to standard mailers. They are ideal for clothing and soft goods that may just need a little bit more space.

Sustainability and eco-friendliness of Kraft Mailers

Some of the big benefits that kraft mailers come with include being incredibly environmentally friendly. They are made with recycled material, indicating sustainability in the pick of your business. Besides, they are fully recyclable, ensuring they can be reused or reapplied in some other fashion after use. And of a Kraft mailer, it is light, hence saving on lots of energy and resources used in its manufacture and transportation and subsequently lowering your carbon footprint. Besides, it's actually made from already recycled materials; thus, it helps to reduce wastage to landfills.

Cost-Effectiveness of Kraft Mailers

One of the other biggest benefits of kraft mailers is that they come with heavy discounts. Being light and easy in usage, the user can save his costing regarding shipping and make his whole shipping process easier. Moreover, these are easy to purchase, so this is another reason you might stock up on them.

Compared to other packaging such as boxes or rigid mailers, the cost savings could be huge when using Kraft mailers. Boxes or even rigid mailers are on the heavier and expensive side to ship, so basically, in the end, you will be spending more on the shipping fees. Plus, they can be more expensive to purchase upfront, which can put a strain on your budget.


How to Choose the Right Sized and Styled Kraft Mailer for Your Product

If you consider using a Kraft mailer, there are a couple of things that need to be thought of first. The first shall be the size and weight of the product.
Choose a mailer that is of the right size for your products, not oversized and, therefore, adds unnecessary weight to your overall package.

Next, think about what kind of mailer will best fit your products. Bubble mailers are perfect for fragile products, whereas padded mailers suit products that need some extra support.

Flat mailers are best for thin, lightweight products, while a gusseted mailer will suffice for those items that may require a little extra space.

Lastly, you don't want to forget to take into consideration just how many mailers you'll be needing.
Kraft mailers are always great to have on hand, so you may even want to consider buying a lot of them all at once to save a little money and make sure that you have plenty of them on hand

Shipping with Kraft Mailers and Boxes

Once you have chosen the right Kraft mailer for your product, packing and shipping should be perfectly done for proper delivery at the destination. Few of the tips which are to be borne in mind are:

- You will need to bubble wrap your products or use cushion material inside the mailer to keep them guarded.
- Be sure to seal the mailer securely, so it will not pop open during shipment.
- The pack includes clear labels or packing slips, which have to be attached inside the package so that the recipient gets to know what is inside your shipment with ease.
- Please do add tracking or insurance to your package so that we can be sure your item will reach us in a safe manner.

Comparisons with other shipping options And just in case you are sending over small products, here are a couple of other options that you may want to utilize for comparison besides Kraft mailers.

Boxes While boxes are certainly an option for larger-sized or heavier products, they tend to become quite expensive when it comes to shipping and actually offer relatively less protection than Kraft mailers.

Stiff mailers

As it were, these rigid mailers are to Kraft mailers what kryptonite is to Superman, except they cost considerably more and may very well not be as eco-friendly.


Whereas envelopes are very efficient in carrying documents or other items that are thin and light in weight, they may not provide a level of security similar to that of Kraft Mailers. Overall, the Kraft mailers are the best kind to ship small products in, as they offer a full range of benefits that others simply do not.

Customer satisfaction and the feedback they give from using the Kraft Mailers Many small business owners and online sellers have already discovered the benefits of using Kraft mailers for shipping their products. Here's what some of them have to say: "I have used Kraft mailers for years now in my business line, dealing with jewelry, and they have never at any one time failed me. They are very affordable, eco-friendly, and offer my products great protection." "I started using Kraft Mailers for my cosmetics business. They are lightweight and easy to use, and my customers adore the eco-friendly packaging."

For example, at my electronics business, I switched to Kraft mailers and found them to be a game-chranger. They are of high quality, very strong, and give protection from the hazards of shipping at the same time. Plus, I managed to save more on shipment costs.

Conclusion In case there is a need for a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and durable way of mailing small products, these are Kraft mailers. The lightweight, flexible envelopes provide good protection against most shipping hazards, as well as shielding your pocketbook against high shipping costs. With a range in sizes and styles, you will definitely find one that will best match your products. So why wait? Get the Kraft mailers for all your shipping now and see the difference yourself!

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