Static Shielding Bags 3.1 Mil Size 6"X10" Open Top ESD Bag

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Static Shielding Bags

Material: Polyethylene
Size: 3.1Mil -6"x10"
Color: Clear
Gauge: 3.1 Mil
Features: Durable
Packing Type: Drawstring

Product Description: Static Shielding Bags are specially designed bags that provide protection against static electricity. These bags are made from a unique material that prevents the buildup of static charges, making them ideal for storing and transporting sensitive electronic components and devices.

- Static dissipative material to prevent static buildup
- Transparent for easy identification of contents
- Resealable closure for convenient access
- Available in various sizes to accommodate different items
- Durable and puncture-resistant construction

- Protects sensitive electronic components from electrostatic discharge (ESD) damage
- Provides a safe and secure storage solution for static-sensitive items
- Helps maintain the integrity and functionality of electronic devices
- Reduces the risk of costly damage during handling and transportation
- Suitable for use in various industries, including electronics manufacturing and aerospace.


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Static Shielding Bags 3.1 Mil Size 6"X10" Open Top ESD Bag
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