Poly Bubble Mailers 7.25 X 11 - #1 Pack Of 100 Envelopes

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Poly Bubble Mailers

☉ Material Type: White Paper
☉ Product Dimensions: 7.25" x 11"-#1
☉ Closure: Self-Seal
☉ Item Weight: 300 grams.
☉ Quantity: Pack Of 100 Envelopes
☉ Interior Padding: Polyethylene 1/8” Bubble
☉ Paper Finish: Smooth

Product Description: These poly bubble mailers are the perfect solution for shipping items that require extra protection. The bubble lining provides cushioning to prevent damage during transit, while the polyethylene exterior is tear-resistant and waterproof to keep your items safe and dry. The self-sealing adhesive strip makes it easy to seal the mailer securely, and the lightweight design helps keep shipping costs low.

- Bubble-lined interior for added protection
- Tear-resistant polyethylene exterior
- Waterproof to keep items dry
- Self-sealing adhesive strip
- Lightweight design to save on shipping costs

- Protects items during shipping
- Easy to use and seal securely
- Lightweight design helps save on shipping costs
- Waterproof exterior ensures items arrive in good condition
- Available in a range of sizes to fit a variety of items.
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Poly Bubble Mailers 7.25 X 11 - #1 Pack Of 100 Envelopes
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