Food Grade Poly Tubing Roll Bags 3Mil 11x1450ft- Impulse Heat Sealer

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Poly Tubing Roll Bags

Material: Polyethylene
Size: 3Mil -11 x 1450ft (279.4mm x 1450ft)
Color: Clear
Shape: Rectangular
Gauge: 3 Mil
Features: Versatile and Durable
Usage: Packaging & Mailing

Product Description: Poly tubing is a versatile packaging solution that can be used for a variety of storage and mailing needs. It is a continuous roll of polyethylene tubing that can be cut to any length, making it perfect for packaging items of different sizes and shapes. The tubing is also easy to seal with heat or tape, ensuring that your items stay secure during storage or shipping.

Gauge: With a gauge of 3 Mil (0.003″), these bags strike the perfect balance between thickness and flexibility, ensuring optimal performance.
-Made from high quality polyethylene material
-Durable and resistant to tears and punctures
-Available in a range of sizes and thicknesses
-Can be cut to any length

-Versatile packaging material suitable for a wide range of products and applications
-Provides excellent protection against moisture, dust, and other contaminants
-Can be easily cut to any length, making it ideal for packaging products of varying sizes
-Cost-effective packaging solution that can help reduce packaging costs.

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Food Grade Poly Tubing Roll Bags 3Mil 11x1450ft- Impulse Heat Sealer
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