Clear Poly Bags 1Mil 26X26 Flat Open Top (LDPE)

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Clear Poly Bags

Material: LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene)
Product Dimensions: 26 Inch x 26 Inch (660.4mm x 660.4mm)
Color: Transparent
Pattern: Plain
Shape: Rectangular
Gauge: 1 Mil
Features: Flexible and Versatile
Usage: Packaging & Mailing

Product Description: Discover the perfect packaging solution with our clear poly bags, measuring 26 inches by 26 inches. Crafted from durable low-density polyethylene (LDPE) material, these bags are 1 mil thick, providing a reliable barrier for your items. The transparent clarity of the bags ensures easy visibility of the contents, allowing for quick identification. Whether you're organizing, storing, or shipping, these bags offer versatile functionality. The flat open top allows for effortless loading and access, making them ideal for various applications.


  • Material:¬†Constructed from LDPE, these bags ensure durability and reliability, offering a robust packaging solution for the secure transportation of your items.
  • Product Dimensions:¬†Each bag measures 26 inches by¬†26 inches, providing ample space for a variety of items while maintaining flexibility.
  • Color:¬†The transparent design allows for quick and effortless identification of contents, streamlining your packaging process.
  • Pattern:¬†A sleek and professional plain pattern enhances the overall presentation, making these bags suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • Shape:¬†The rectangular shape ensures versatility, enabling these bags to accommodate different items with ease.
  • Gauge:¬†With a gauge of¬†1 Mil (.001‚Ä≥), these bags provide a lightweight yet durable option, offering flexibility for various packaging needs.
  • Features:¬†Known for their flexibility, these Clear Poly Bags conform to the shape of your items, providing a secure and tailored fit during packaging.
  • Usage:¬†Tailored for both packaging and mailing needs, these bags are suitable for a diverse range of items, offering a dependable solution for various purposes.


  • Durable Protection:¬†Crafted from LDPE, these bags create a robust shield, ensuring the safe transportation or storage of your items.
  • Ample Dimensions:¬†With dimensions of¬†26 inches by¬†26 inches, these bags provide generous space for a variety of items, accommodating different applications.
  • Transparent Visibility:¬†The clear material allows for easy visibility of contents, facilitating quick identification without the need to open the bag.
  • Professional Aesthetics:¬†The plain pattern and transparent color contribute to a sleek and professional appearance, suitable for a wide range of industries.
  • Versatile Application:¬†Whether packaging products for retail, organizing items for storage, or sending out mail, these bags adapt seamlessly to various purposes.

Upgrade your packaging experience with our Clear Poly Bags ‚Äď the ultimate choice for those seeking durability, flexibility, and versatility in their packaging and mailing solutions.

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