Anti Static Poly Bags 2 Mil Size 12"X18" Heavy Duty Plastic

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Anti Static Poly Bags

Material: Polyethylene
Size: 2Mil -12"x18"
Color: Pink
Gauge: 2 Mil
Features: Durable
Packing Type: Drawstring

Product Description: These anti-static poly bags are designed to protect electronic components and sensitive devices from static electricity during storage and transportation. Made from high-quality anti-static materials, these bags provide a safe and secure environment for delicate items.

- Anti-static properties: Prevents static electricity buildup, protecting sensitive items.
- Heat sealable closure: Ensures secure packaging, shielding contents from dust, moisture, and static charges.
- Flat design: Convenient for storage, labeling, and stacking, optimizing space and organization.

- Enhanced protection: Safeguards sensitive items from static damage during storage and transportation.
- Cost savings: Reduces product losses and warranty claims, leading to long-term cost savings.
- Professional image: Demonstrates a commitment to quality and protection, instilling customer confidence.
- Compliance: Meets industry standards for static control, ensuring regulatory compliance.


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Anti Static Poly Bags 2 Mil Size 12"X18" Heavy Duty Plastic
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